Cooke Publishing Company was established sixty years ago, and we design and manufacture school yearbooks and anniversary history books. For many years we wholly owned our binding equipment and facilities, but the off-site supervision was time-consuming and challenging. We sold our equipment and partnered with another trade bindery, yet the constant oversight was still necessary. So, we closed that facility and partnered with Bindery Associates, Inc., who bought some of the equipment, hired some of the craftsmen, and began work on our hardcover books. For more than a decade we have enjoyed an exceptional working relationship with Bindery Associates, Inc., confident that our publications are handled with craftsmanship and efficiency. They are attentive to our sensitive delivery schedules and they understand that every yearbook we produce is for an individual student. There are none to discard. Bindery Associates has worked with us to produce challenging sizes, meet stringent schedules, and to adapt to hardcover binding our digitally printed books, which are becoming more popular. Their professionals oversee our projects as their own, and our oversight is no longer needed on a regular basis. That's value beyond price.

Louis Guarrieri Jr.
I had the opportunity to work as a supervisor for BA for three years. At that point in time I had been in the industry for forty one years, from Buffalo, Richmond and here in Lancasrter for three different companys. I am still amazed at the professoinalism and team work displayed at Bindery Associates. The most important factor being the unbelivable quality of the products provided by this company and the knowledge of the operators and crew on how to produce this high quality of books. It was a pleasure to work with this group.

Tom Stapleton - retired